Choosing CBD

CBD shopping can be so confusing.

Purchasing CBD is very much of a Buyer Beware situation. Interest in and demand for CBD products have skyrocketed, yet, there is a tremendous amount of confusion out there. Why? For one thing, it’s hard to categorize CBD: it’s a nutrient, it’s a food, it’s not a pharmaceutical, it has therapeutic qualities, but no clinical serving recommendations. Add to that the misconception that CBD is just like its sister molecule THC; yet CBD does NOT get you high, and while THC is not recommended for anyone under age 21, people of all ages have benefited from CBD. Further, regulation is lacking – some products don’t list ingredients, others claim that hemp seed oil contains CBD (it doesn’t) and quite a few products make you do math to figure out what amount of CBD is in the product by volume. All of these issues are compounded by the variety of delivery methods, differences in potency and significant quality variability. Unfortunately, there are some snake oils out there, and unless you’re a snake (congrats on your ability to navigate the internet, if you are, btw), you can end up with a product that not only doesn’t represent how CBD can be beneficial to you, it may be harmful.

Question head

We’ve Got Your Back.

Typical CBD Buyer:
“I’m interested in CBD, but I’m not trying to get a CBD PhD! Can’t someone else: do the research; create and choose products that meet standards for sourcing, growing, extraction, formulation and consistency; communicate directly with the growers/manufacturers; make sure the product is tested for potency and absence of toxins; figure out which is the best product available for every delivery method; present me with a consciously curated, highly trusted collection from which to choose, and guide me through the selection and usage process?”

raises hand “Hey! We do that. We are that someone you can trust to do all the legwork, vetting, testing, researching, sourcing and curating for you. And if you want to become more educated about CBD, we can help you with that too. We are here for you, Typ. May we call you Typ?"

Our Standards for Curation