Our Why

hemp&humanity is dedicated to unleashing the boundless, endless potential of the hemp plant. Hemp spurs the economy, improves the environment, and significantly contributes to health & wellbeing. We believe humans were meant to live symbiotically and synergistically with hemp, and we aim to foster and strengthen that relationship.

The Quadruple Bottom Line

hemp&humanity is a Quadruple Bottom Line company. The bottom line traditionally refers to profitability as measured in financial terms only. The Triple Bottom Line (3BL) recognizes that there is more to business than profits, including social and environmental accountability; thus, the consideration of two additional outcome measures -- People and Planet. The Quadruple Bottom Line takes an even broader perspective of value to include Purpose. In taking a QBL approach, Hemp & Humanity seeks to create a sustainable business that builds community, treads lightly on this planet, and has a positive impact on humanity.

People: (Social)

We celebrate our shared humanity as the basis of all human connection. We are not a faceless corporation, and you are not a number. We know that behind every transaction is a person improving health and wellness, finding relief or just searching for answers, all to improve quality of life. How we treat our customers, collaborators, partners and vendors matters. It is our fundamental belief that a for-profit business can and does have a responsibility to address social issues, and our Get Some/Give Some Program supports this principle. Every purchase generates a donation to one of several organizations focused on access, social equity, hemp advocacy, harm reduction, policy and social justice.

Planet (Environmental)

We believe in sustainability over profitability, and we revere the hemp plant because Plants Matter, and the Planet Matters. Yes, it costs more to use hemp-paper business cards and offer eco-friendly packaging. And it may not be convenient to have high standards for curating products that are non-GMO, organically grown, safely extracted and third-party tested to reduce the risk of metals and toxins, but it’s worth it because there is no Plan(et) B. Hemp is a remarkable, sustainable plant that pulls carbon from the atmosphere, has a short growing cycle, requires very little water, doesn’t need fertilizers or herbicides to stay healthy, is a natural bio-aggregator, and has thousands of uses. We honor Mother Earth by supporting one of her most valuable resources.

Purpose (Intentional)

It all starts with our “Why” (shout out to Simon Sinek). Why does hemp&humanity exist? To improve the human condition, by fostering the relationship between humans and hemp. Through thoughtful practice, meaningful education and conscious curation, we hope to: reduce suffering, diminish environmental harm, offer inspiration, promote healing, encourage recovery, address social injustice and promote the power of hemp to clothe, feed, shelter, fuel, house, nurture, sustain and restore. We have a responsibility to share what we know -- hemp and humans are inextricably intertwined.

Performance (Financial)

We are a for-profit enterprise that does social good. Profits help sustain business, and without them, we couldn’t serve or grow. But, financial success is not the ultimate outcome. We measure results not by financial performance above all else, but rather by the impact we have on People, Planet and Purpose.

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