Our Collection

How do we Curate our Collection?

hemp&humanity has high standards for selecting hemp-made and hemp-derived products for our curated collection. Our years of experience developing our expertise means that we can objectively and confidently select the very best hemp offerings for our clients. Since 2016, we have been at the interface beween the plant and the public. We are uniquely positioned to educate and empower clients with the information they need to develop their own relationship with hemp.

Our Basic Standards:

  1. We demand transparency from all of our venodors.
  2. Hemp must be extracted using methods that don’t leave harmful residues.
  3. Consumable and topical products must be derived from non-GMO hemp.
  4. Consumable and topical products must be third-party tested for cannabinoid profile, and for safety from toxins.
  5. Products must provide consistency -- serving after serving, time after time.
  6. Sources must have a proven track record for quality seeds, soil and processing.
  7. Labels must list ingredients and be clear about cannabinoid profile.
  8. Products must not contain harmful additives.
  9. We must have direct access to sources.
  10. Products must be personally tested and approved by hemp&humanity.

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