Our Collection

How do we Curate our Collection?

hemp&humanity has high standards for selecting hemp and CBD products for our curated collection. It is with intention that we do not represent or work for any of the companies whose products we sell. Our independence means that we can objectively select the very best products in each category. It has been our experience that brands typically have one or two heroes among their offerings, and we want only the top items. (Also, we are not an MLM company. If you choose to make CBD your business, that’s awesome, and welcome to the industry! We LOVE referrals, but our business model doesn’t include making our customers into distributors. We are not in the business of business.)

Our Basic Standards:

  1. Products must be derived from organically grown hemp.
  2. CBD must be extracted using methods that don’t leave harmful residues.
  3. CBD must be derived from non-GMO hemp.
  4. Products must be third-party tested for CBD profile and safety from toxins.
  5. Products must provide consistency - serving after serving, time after time.
  6. Sources must have a proven track record for quality seeds, soil and processing.
  7. Labels must list ingredients and be clear about CBD quantity in the product.
  8. Products must not contain harmful additives.
  9. We must have direct access to sources.
  10. Products must be personally tested and approved by hemp&humanity.

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